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The Story

Sri Anjaneya


AYT Osaka has Śrī Āñjaneya’s presence at the Shala representing courage, strength, purity and wisdom; His presence in our home brings protection and prosperity. Above all of these however, he reminds us of his great humility and devotion to Śrī Rāma, and is a daily reminder that surrender to the higher principle of Īśvarapraṇidhāna, can lead us directly to the state of yoga.




More about Śrī Āñjaneya

Śrī Āñjaneya (also known as Hanumān) is the greatest devotee of Śrī Rāma, the incarnation of Viṣṇu who’s life is recorded in the epic Rāmāyana. At the request of the Gods Viṣṇu incarnates on earth as Rāma in order to save the world from the terrible demon Rāvana. During the story Rāma’s wife Sītā is abducted by Rāvaṇa from their forest dwelling, leaving Rāma unable to locate her. Āñjaneya appears and becomes Rāma’s devotee. Āñjaneya’s does not know his own enormous potential but becomes aware of it when reminded by Rāma. At this point he performs many super human acts and is able to find Sītā, subsequently helping Rāma defeat Rāvana and rescue Sītā. Our minds, like those of a monkeys, jump from one place to another and are unable to be brought under control. Āñjaneya, shows how we can harness the monkey mind and reach our full potential through the act of devotion.

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