Special Update - 直前のお知らせ


4 April (土): 8-9:30am Half Primary Led 

5 April (日): 8-9:30am Full Primary Led



4 April (Sat): 8-9:30am Half Primary Led

5 April (Sun): 8-9:30am Full Primary Led

**Each student should only attend one Led Class in the Shala in order to help us limit each class size to 16 or below.

(English follows Japanese)


週末の堂島でのクラスに参加される場合は7:30am までにシャラに来てください。シャラのクラスに参加出来ない方は、オンラインで参加いただいて構いません。





We are taking this chance to help each attending students (including ticket holders) to set up their devices (mobile / tablet / computer) for the near future stay-home-online-classes.

Kindly arrive to the Shala around 7:30am if you are joining us in Dojima. Students that are unable to come in person may still join us online. A separate email will be sent to each valid pass holder (including our regular ticket & monthly pass holders) about how to set up your device. If you are joining us from your home, feel free to join both led classes over the weekend should you prefer. 

From 11 April onwards, all Led Classes will be conducted online until the coronavirus is contained. An updated April schedule will also be released by early next week. 

We apologize for this last minute changes. However we believe that you fully understand this is really the time to make appropriate changes. Once most of the students are prepared, we will introduce more online options. Stay tuned. .

#Mindfulness in the time of #coronavirus #pandemic

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