Schedule: 1 ~ 31 Mar

#Mindfulness in the time of #coronavirus #epidemic


⚫ Aゾーン:ヴェロニーク先生が朝のクラスを教えます

⚫ Bゾーン:3月1日より中止

⚫ Cゾーン:ケオン先生が教えます

⚫ 金曜日・土曜日・日曜日 :レッドクラスのみです。全てのマンスリーパス、複数回チケット所持の方が参加可能です。ヴェロニーク先生がカウントします

⚫ 休日:ムーンデイ:3月10日(火)3月24日(火)+ 3月29日(日)




AYT Osaka

Concerning the corona virus situation and potential further outbreak in Japan, AYT decided to take proactive approach to adjust our class offerings to reduce traffic and better manage close contact between everyone in the Shala. We are doing our best to maintain students’ practice while paying close attention on the bigger picture. Note that there will be 4 mysore classes & 3 led classes each week for monthly pass holders to choose from:

⚫ A Zone:  Veronique will teach the morning classes.

⚫ B Zone:  will be closed from 1 March.

⚫ C Zone:  Keong will teach the evening classes.

⚫ Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays: Led Classes only - open for all monthly pass & ticket holders. Veronique will be counting.

⚫ Day off: Moon Day: 3/10 (Tue) & 3/24 (Tue) plus 3/29 (Sun)

Drop-ins: we will not take any drop in for March. The health of our regular students are of highest priority. Thank you for your kind understanding. Should the traffic of any days becomes overly crowded in the coming weeks, we will implement further measures or schedule changes. Kindly pay special attention to our Instagram account, home page news or your email inbox for updates.

Please practice regularly to boost your immune system and stay healthy everyone! Let's all hope that the class schedules can resume normal in April.


AYT Osaka


Ashtanga Yoga Tattva Osaka

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