Schedule: 1 ~ 31 Aug






  • 午前10時に終了します。時間に余裕を持って練習してください

  • 堂島シャラでのマイソールクラスが 月・火・木・金曜に変更になります、ご注意ください。

  • 水曜はサイーバーマイソール(0645~)です。

  • 日曜日はDOJIMA x CYBERレッドクラス(8am~)です。

🙏 スケジュール詳細はHPで。

Moon day: .

🌝 8/4 火 Tue

🌙 8/19 水 Wed

◉ 8/10 (月祝) is a public holiday.

A Zone: 7am~10am (Booking required 要予約)

C Zone: 5:30-7:30pm

◉ お盆休み OBON HOLIDAYS:8/14, 8/15, 8/16 。

◉ Cゾーン ラストグラス: 8/13 is C Zone last class




❤️Your safety is my safety.

❤️At AYT we protect each other.

😷Wearing a mask to practice are very welcome.

Please be sure to read our additional COVID-19 measures before attending our classes.

August's A ZONE:

  • Dojima classes ends at 10am. Everyone has enough time to practice.

  • Please note that Dojima Mysore classes is now changed to Mon, Tue & Thu, Fri.

  • Wednesday is CYCBER MYSORE from 0645~.

  • Sunday is DOJIMA x CYBER Led Class (8am~)

🙏 You can find our schedule at a glance at the home page.

Moon day: .

🌝 8/4 Tue

🌙 8/19 Wed

◉ 8/10 Monday is a public holiday.

A Zone: 7am~10am (Booking required)

C Zone: 5:30-7:30pm

◉ OBON HOLIDAYS:8/14, 8/15, 8/16 no class.

◉ 8/13 is C Zone last class

🙌Unless you hold a valid monthly pass, please make an appointment prior visiting the Shala.



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