この4回転目のクラスの初月のマンスリーパスを40%引き or ¥4000 off とさせていただきます!AM9時~9時45分の間に練習が開始できる方は、ぜひ申し込んでください!


*(1) ⛄️ 通常 18,000円 → 4周年価格 10,800円 (初月のみ)

**(2) ☃️ 通常 18,000円 → 4周年価格 14,000円 (初月のみ)




*(1) 新規メンバー(今まで一度もAYTのマンスリーパスを購入したことがない方)、AYTメンバーのお友達、家族の方

**(2) 以前のメンバーで、しばらくお休みをされた後、再びパスを購入される方(妊娠中の生徒さんも含みます)



🎂AYT 4th Anniversary Campaign🎂

🎉AYT turns 4 on 7th of January!🎉

As we turn 4, we are also ready to recruit another new batch of morning mysore students. Veronique will be teaching this 4th batch and class hours will be extended until 11am, Monday to Thursday.


Join our 4th morning mysore batch and enjoy 40% off or ¥4000 off Shala fee in January. If you can start your weekday practice between 9am - 9:45am, sign up here!


*(1) ⛄️ Normal ¥18,000 → now ¥10,800 (first month only)

**(2) ☃️ Normal ¥18,000 → now ¥14,000 (first month only)

Purchase period: 7th January - 7th February



*(1) New students (never own a free pass at AYT) / friend’s & families of existing AYT pass holders:

**(2) Returning students (including pregnant students)


💝Existing monthly pass holders, check out our Anniversary promotion for you only in the Shala!

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