1️⃣10/4~10/9 - ヴェロニーク先生はアンドリュー先生の高野山ヨガリトリートをアシストします。

2️⃣10/4 (木) シャラは6時から7時半の間クローズします。アンドリュー先生が7時半よりプージャを行います。みなさん是非参加してください。生徒の皆さんは8時から9:45までセルフプラクティスを行えます

3️⃣ 10/5 (金) -6時から9時45分迄セルフプラクティス

4️⃣10/7 (日) 10/8 (月) 、ケオン先生が7時から10時までマイソーを担当します。

5️⃣10/9 (火) moon day です。

In view of another super typhoon approaching Osaka on 9/30 (Sunday), we decided to cancel both Led classes & Satsanga tomorrow. Coming to the Shala in the morning should be ok but going home after class might be chaotic as many train schedules will be affected (some as early as from 8am).

Please stay safe and dry. Do some practice at home is a great idea! see you all again on Monday October 1st.


<<Please also note that>>:

1️⃣10/4~10/9 - Veronique will be assisting Andrew-sensei's Yoga Retreat at Koyasan.

2️⃣10/4 (Thu), Shala will be closed from 6-7:30am. Andrew-sensei will conduct a Puja for Hanuman from 7:30am. All are welcome. Students that are coming to the Shala may do self practice from 8-9:45am.

3️⃣10/5 (Fri) -Self practice from 6-9:45am.

4️⃣10/7 (Sun) & 10/8 (Mon) both days are Mysore Style with Keong-sensei. 7-10am.

5️⃣ 10/9 (Tue) is New Moon Day.

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