Andrew Hillam at AYT


10月10日(水)と11日(木)に、アンドリュー・ヒラム先 (KPJAYI サーティファイド)が、AYTで指導することになりました。

☘️朝マイソール: 6:30〜9:30

☘️チャンティング: 9:45〜10:15

☘️ドアオープン: 6am









Good News!

10th & 11th October, Andrew Hillam (KPJAYI Certified) will be teaching at AYT!

☘️Morning Mysore: 6:30-9:30am

☘️Morning Chanting; 10-10:30am.

☘️Door opens: 6am

You come!

If you hold a September Monthly Pass, your October Pass is only ¥19000. Regular students please arrive at your usual time.

🍁Note that we are not certain if Andrew has time to teach at AYT in 2019. Come before you regret!.


◎Drop in is ¥5000 per class.

◎Students new to Andrew's teachings are required to take both classes.

◎Start time is either 6:15 or 8am only.

◎Apply here:

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