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Andrew Hillam  
SYC / KPJAYI Certified Teacher / Jois Yoga USA Director 


Andrew Hillam 8th Ashtanga Yoga Workshop in Osaka
AYT 8th Anniversary

PART ONE: 29-31 December 2022
Dec 29 Thu
(L1) 0800-0930
Primary Led Class
*Experienced students only
(WS#01) 1000-1200
ASANA FOUNDATIONS: Filling up the practice with the Breath. 
*With Japanese translation
*All levels welcome 

- the fundamentals of the practice

- Breathing is at the foundation of Ashtanga Yoga and a correct technique is essential to the practice. At the physical level it aligns each posture perfectly from inside out and has a profound effect on overall health. At a more subtle level the quality of breathing brings great mental and emotional stability. Finally the breath is the all important boat that carries us into the meditative states of yoga. We will explore all of these aspects of breathing in BW2.0.

Reference article:  The Perfect Way to Breath in Ashtanga Yoga

Dec 30, Fri
(M1) 0730-1000
*All levels welcome 
Dec 31, Sat
(M2) 0730-1000
*All levels welcome 
PART Two: 7-9 January 2023
Jan 7, Sat:Moon Day 
0900-0945 (Free)
AYT 8th Anniversary Hanuman Puja                  
*All are welcome!
(WS#02) 1000-1200
YOGA TALK: Incorporating yoga philosophy and chanting into the practice.
*With Japanese translation
*All levels welcome 

- Sharathji says that each chapter of the Bhagavad Gita describes a different aspect of yoga.  This workshop explores some of the important principles of yoga practice from the BG and other yoga texts. These are principles that can be utilised to give greater meaning to our practice and to our life.

- Chanting

How to chant the opening and closing verses for the Ashtanga practice as well as the meanings behind them

Jan 8, Sun
(M3) 0730-1000
*All levels welcome 
(WS#03) 1030-1230
PRIMARY SERIES: The therapeutic effect & the sequencing.
*With Japanese translation
*All levels welcome  

- The Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series is known as Roga Chikitsa (Disease Therapy) and as Chikitsa Vibhāga (Therapy Section). This workshop will investigate the therapeutic aspects of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series including important alignment and sequencing principles. The workshop will also incorporate the aspects of Bandha and Breathing that are discussed in the ASANA FOUNDATIONS workshop.

1/9 Mon (Public Holiday)
(M4) 0730-1000
*All levels welcome 
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To register, please email the requested details to:
1) Email Subject: [Your full name +ANDREW 2022]
2) Price Plan or Class Code(s)
3) Full Name
4) Contact Phone number
Priorities will be given to students who book 6-Day Free Pass or Part One Free Pass or Part Two Free Pass.
We will send you payment instructions within 5 days to secure your spot.
Regular AYT Students may pay by cash during class times AFTER submitting your booking via email.

Cancellation Policy

  • Before 15 December: 30% refund. 

  • From 16 December strictly no refund. 

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